Professional Sanitizing Services In New York, NY

We are aware that you have a to-do list that is quite lengthy as a homeowner. Instead of wasting your important downtime sweeping, mopping, and cleaning, spend it relaxing in a spotless, welcoming space that has been properly cleaned and sanitized by Bright House Cleaning Service. We frequently sterilize the high-touch areas in your building during each cleaning. As a result, you gain time and peace of mind and no longer fear diseases growing on your home’s surfaces. Our reliable sanitizing services in New York, NY, serves as the foundation for our professional safety procedures. You can unwind knowing that our team’s years of experience will be put to use sanitizing and disinfecting your building.

Cleaning Your Space Eco-Friendly With Our Skilled Professionals

Our sanitizing services use safe supplies for your loved ones, pets, and property. These environmentally friendly sanitizing methods ensure that our personnel can deliver excellent sanitizing services in New York, NY while avoiding using harmful cleaning products on your building. If so, we employ improved cleaning techniques on your buildings’ hard surfaces that are frequently touched. Our main concern is eliminating all germs and pathogens as they assemble on surfaces your family contacts throughout the day.

Detailed and Tested Sanitization

Our clients can receive detailed sanitation and disinfection treatments from Bright House Cleaning Service. This procedure uses components the EPA has certified for the efficient removal of viruses and the efficient treatment of bacterial and current coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. Our broad-spectrum disinfectants are carefully chosen to sanitize inanimate environmental surfaces like walls, floors, ventilation, buildings, and other machinery. We sanitize your business and home by administering a disinfecting solution and employing various indoor disinfectant cleaning techniques to reach and disinfect common and difficult-to-reach places. It enables us to sterilize sizable areas quickly, maximizing efficacy and reducing downtime for your company.